I'm calling this board Friendship Found.

The red paduk in the center 4x4 grid represents our fiery haired Kvothe; the center of the story. The deep black wenge that makes up the 6x6 grid represents Wilem. The 8x8 grid is made of leopard wood, which is meant to represent the sandy haired Simmon. The zebrawood circles that make up the 5x5 grid form a starburst pattern. This pattern is meant to represent Auri who is so beautifully bright and sunny.

The 7x7 grid is filled with wrought iron nails and is designed to be unplayable. If you speak of the seven, they come.

The title Friendship Found is a direct reference to the Eld Vintic poetry that Simmon speaks in the reading room of the archives.

"Sought we the Scrivani word-work of Surthur

Long-lost in ledger all hope forgotten.

Yet fast-found for friendship fair the book-bringer

Hot comes the huntress Fela, flushed with finding

Breathless her breast her high blood rising

To ripen the red-cheek rouge-bloom of beauty."

This board was donated to Worldbuilders.