*my* Tak board

This was the thing that started it all.

During the Tak Kickstarter event that raised over 1 million dollars, I was enamored by the game of Tak. Besides being created for a book series I love, it also just seemed like a wonderful game. I didnt have the funds to spend on a fancy board like Devi's box, but I had a small bit of woodworking knowledge from helping my dad around the house, and I was just OCD enough to make sure the vision I had in my mind could come through to my fingers. This was my first attempt at anything like this. I had never tried to do an inlay; I had never worked with any exotic woods. But I like to think it turned out how I envisioned it.

4x4 : Blood wood

5x5 : Purple heart

6x6 : Yellow heart

7x7 : Wrought iron nails, and Tehlu's Iron Wheel pendant's from the Worldbuilders Market.

8x8 : Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry

The inlay work around each circle and square is copper.

The border is Purple heart as well.